• Randi Sarf

Top 8 Instagram Editing Apps

As I started to get more into my website and Instagram, I realized I need to up my editing game. I compiled a list of what I believe are the more helpful and creative editing apps. 

1. VSCO:

  • A classic. Almost everyone has this app downloaded. This is where I do most of my basic editing, fixing lighting, saturation, contrast, etc.

2. UNUM:

  • Helpful for planning out the arrangement of photos on Instagram, so you can get a look as to what your feed would look like.

3. Canva:

  • Mainly for infographics, but I use this when creating Instagram stories. Easy to use, so many templates to choose from.

4. Bazaart:

  • I use this for the “Eraser” option. I do a lot of editing and cropping to create graphics for my sororities’ Instagram, and with this app it’s super helpful.

5. PicsArt:

  • Editing app where you can add an overlapping effect on your photo. The most popular one being the sketch effect. (So popular even Kim K has an Instagram post with it).

6. Story Chic:

  • Huge selection of templates to use for Instagram stories, all different types of visually aesthetic categories.

7. Filto:

  • This is a video editing app, but you can also turn your pictures into a video. So many effects ranging from vintage film, glitchy, colourpop, etc.

8. Funimate:

  • This is a video editing app, similar to Filto. I like to have both because the free versions are obviously limited, so having both gives me some more options.