• Randi Sarf

Summer Travels

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

This summer I had the pleasure of visiting one of my best friends from college, who spends her summers in Martha’s Vineyard. I was able to get in two trips up to the Vineyard- what an incredibly, beautiful place to live. Life is so simple and carefree on the island. It’s necessary for everyone to get a break and take a step back to chill. I was super blessed being able to visit her considering I’ve been having a crazy, stressful summer. I’m glad I got a few days with constant laughter, and I was able to leave with a handful of memories. 

We spent most of our days at the beach, which was way more chill than Jones Beach. The people were so friendly and it wasn’t extremely packed. After a day full of sun and ice-cream, we spent the nights watching the beautiful sunset over the ocean and drinking some rosè. I indulged in all New-England styled foods like clam chowder and lobster rolls. 

I’m so glad I was able to take a break from my hectic summer on Long Island to head out to Martha’s Vineyard. I was able to take some of the most beautiful photos, I’ll attach them at the end. And I'm currently working on convincing my family members to start renting houses there so I can go more often ;)