• Randi Sarf

Spring Cleaning

This might not be something that is on your mind at the moment, but you can use some of this time inside to be SPRING CLEANING. You might find yourself aimlessly staring out the window, or spending hours and hours on your phone. Instead, you should get up off your lazy butt and start cleaning. What an amazing feeling it will be to have all of your shit together as soon as this quarantine and social distancing is over.

Some easy places to start if you’re extremely lazy is just wiping down the surfaces in your room. When I’m bored, I take everything off my desk and clean it. I do the same thing with my makeup counter and dresser. You have no idea how much dust and gunk builds up overtime. 

I have also cleaned my entire desk. Since this will be my new place of work for the remainder of the semester, I wanted to make it as organized as possible. I took everything out of all the drawers- I know you do the same thing where you shove the most random things into your drawers. You don’t need it all. Take it out, and throw it out. Utilize all the space on your desk, make sure you have enough room for you laptop, books and pens. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, since you don’t want it to be distracting. 

Go through your bookshelves. You’ll (1) find amazing memories (2) maybe a book you forgot you wanted to read and (3) books you’re done with and ready to donate.

Your closet is the biggest one. I have been recently using Poshmark, where you can sell your semi-used clothing. I think it is one of the greatest ideas- I have made a decent amount of money selling my clothes that I’m done wearing. Going through your closet will help you see clothing you forgot you had and would like to start wearing again vs. clothing you forgot you had and you will never wear again. Make sure you don’t hoard. Let’s say you haven’t worn it in a year, really think about if this is something you’d like to be seen in on your first day out of quarantine. If not, think about Poshmark, threadUP or donating it. 

I’ve also had time to go through all my purses, bags and backpacks in my room. I can’t tell you how many gross things I was able to throw out from them. But, I also found a lot of gems I forgot about; concert tickets, money, gum, lost jewelry, and more. 

A simple spring cleaning technique that most people don’t think about is your phone. I know most of you are sitting on your ass on your phone, there is no excuse to skip this one. Go through your pictures; delete the repeats, the screenshots, the accidental photos, the not-so-pretty candids. Go through your apps; have you used the apps in the past few months, do you need it? And, physically clean your phone. Please wipe it down, all sorts of germs live on there.