• Randi Sarf


Looking for something to keep you busy? A place to help you escape reality? Something to do to release your feelings? 

Try Journaling!

Journaling has been something that I’ve been doing my whole life without even knowing. I have recently found notebooks filled with secrets, doodles, stories, and entries from the years 2004, 2007, and 2011. It honestly made my day finding them and reading what I wrote as a kid. It was very entertaining for my friends and my family to make fun of me for it. But, honestly it’s so amazing to be able to read what you we’re up to 10, 15, 20 years ago. 

I’m not going to sit here and teach you how to write in a journal because there is not a right way. You can express yourself however you need to. When I was five, I mostly would draw random things and occasionally throw in the words I learned at school. As I got older, I would bring journals on all my overseas vacations. Now, I have a daily journal that I write everything in. 

I actually started my journal October 29, 2015. My grandpa brought me a small pocket journal and told me to start writing. I definitely was resilient; the first line of my journal says “Well, I basically was forced into writing this because grandpa told me I won’t remember anything.” It’s crazy to think I’ve had this journal for more than four years, and I still enjoy reading it back. So, thank you Grandpa for making me write in this. I’ll make sure to email you the link to this article...

There are a lot of benefits to journaling. It can be a designated time put aside for yourself, to focus on what you enjoy and what entertains you. It can be a place for you to go when you are feeling anxious, sad, stressed to release that bad energy. It can be a place for you to go when you are feeling happy, excited, silly to write down positive thoughts.

It might seem intimidating to keep a daily journal, so here I’ll take the stress away. It doesn’t have to be a daily journal, make it whatever you want it to be. I use mine almost every day just because I have a lot of shit to let out. But, maybe you’re different- maybe you only want to pick it up when something memorable happens or maybe you only want to pick it up to scribble and draw. All of that is fine. 

I highly recommend you try it out.