• Randi Sarf

Finals Week from Home

Keep a Routine

It doesn’t have to be emaculate or the same as it was at school. My routine has turned into: wake up around 10am, pour a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, have a coffee and shower. I would study from noon until dinner time. Somewhere in between there I would make lunch. It doesn’t need to be this elaborate, intensely scheduled routine. Waking up and knowing your plans for the day and when you are going to get it done, allows you to be more productive. 

Dedicated Space

I’m so used to isolating myself at a table at Memorial Library... being at home for finals immediately stressed me out knowing I can’t have that. Having a dedicated space to do work will help stay focused. I know it’s tempting being home wanting to do work on your bed, but you need to differentiate your work space vs. your relaxing space. Also, make sure to let the people in your house know of your studying/test schedule so they give you space.

Stay Organized

Planning out all of your online finals will also help you manage when/how long you can study for each test. Make sure you get ahead of your finals by keeping track of when they all are. Going to a school in a different time zone, it was important to make sure I knew all of my test times so I wouldn’t get confused. Check all of the technology you will be using for each final and make sure it all works before you start. 

Taking Breaks

I obviously wasn’t able to sit still from noon till dinner, I don’t think anyone is capable of that. It’s important to take breaks and take time to relax. I would mainly take breaks by trying to beat a level on Candy Crush, scrolling through TikTok for 10 minutes, or getting up to just walk around my room. Also, treat yourself! After a long day of studying, you deserve it. It could be literally anything that makes you feel better. Mine can range from a bubble bath, a glass of white wine or chewy chips ahoy cookies...sometimes all three!