• Randi Sarf


One of my best friends from California invited me to Coachella in 2017. It was one of the most epic weekends of my life. Not only because we got to see amazing art, performances and ate incredible food. But, because I got to spend a weekend with a lifelong friend. I was planning my outfits months before because I was so excited to be all trendy. So the first day it was HOT. People don’t really get to coachella until the afternoon, or until you want to see a certain performer. For us, I remember the first performer we saw was Glass Animals. I’ve never heard of them, but it was incredible being outside on a beautiful California day surrounded by all these people. I even remember the #1 song to this day ‘Gooey,’ the crowd went crazy and that made me get super into it. It’s actually one of my favorite songs now. Contrary to what I thought, there is a lot of eating at Coachella. We ate things like poke, mozzarella sticks, even chinese food- it’s insane. The performer I was waiting to see on the first night was Mac Miller. His performance is unforgettable. It was in the Sahara tent, which is full of a crazy amount of people, on top of each other (and super sweaty). His performance was actually insane, he sang all his classics. My favorite being ‘Donald Trump.’ We also tried to stop to see Travis Scott, but it was way to crazy for us to even get remotely close. Waking up the next day was rough. But Saturday’s line up was even better. We saw Gucci Mane, Schoolboy Q, Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Future and the final performance of the night Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga sang some of her throwback songs, which was definitely one the the highlights of my trip. The days seem long, but they actually go by incredibly fast. Both nights when we snuck on the bus back to our hotel, I was extremely sad knowing that the day was over. The final night we came back, my friend and I jumped into the pool in our full outfits. I will always remember our wild memories together, especially on this trip. To many more years of friendship with you, Chloe Selby!!!!