• Randi Sarf

Add Some Light to Your Room

With a lot of free time on my hands and both of my brothers moving out of the house, I decided it was time for me to move into one of their rooms. My mom and I put aside a whole day to do this. We took apart and put back together the bed frames, carried all of the furniture, and we did it without screaming at each other.

I took advantage of having a fresh room, and made sure I would keep it clean, clutter-less and organized. I wanted no clutter on any of the countertops. My desk is cleared off leaving only my school books and my laptop. This way I have nothing to distract me from my work. I realized on my old desk having too much clutter on my desk gave me more opportunities to procrastinate and distract myself with.

I wanted to go with one bold accent wall. I went with a simple, easy and cheap design. I went on Pinterest to find aesthetically pleasing pictures, and I made sure to put them all in black and white. I was trying to go for one of those VSCO collage walls. Then I went to my Shutterfly app where the 4 x 6 prints are free (steal!!!!!) To be honest I ordered so many prints just because I was too lazy to measure the wall.

To add to my wall, I went on Amazon to find LED signs to mesh into the collage. Amazon is a great place to get these LED signs, super affordable and good quality. Since I went with black and white photos, I wanted to pick an LED light color that I thought would pop.

Also, I've noticed it's super helpful to keep your blinds fully open during the day. Natural light boosts vitamin D, helps seasonal depression (or quarantine blues), and the more natural light you receive the more likely you are to experience better quality sleep. I've been keeping them fully open all day long. I especially enjoy it when the sun is setting, and I get quite the glow-selfie lighting.

Here are the links to the Amazon LED lights: