Wagner Park, NYC

Take a stroll, grab a cocktail, watch the sunset over the Statue of Liberty on a warm Summer night.


Sky Background Trend

Want to up your Instagram feed? Place your phone on the ground, elevate it up and start shooting selfies!


Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

Visit local Diner, Drive-In & Dive's near you and make sure to try all of Guy Fieri's favorites. 


Have a Picnic

Grab your favorite Trader Joe's snacks, mine are the Buffalo Chicken dip and anything in the fruit section.


Seaport NYC

Visit my favorite ice cream in NYC, Big Gay Ice Cream, while taking in all of the breathtaking views.


Visit ChiChi Nails

ChiChi Nails in Huntington, New York is able to do the most detailed nail art I've ever seen.